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IN this 21st century ! Flying “witch” allegedly crash land inside river! (Video)

IN this 21st century ! Flying witch allegedly crash lands inside river in Delta State Nigeria and is Brutally stripped Naked and Beaten to pulp. The Scenes where so Explicit and brutal we had to Re-edit video and cut it out.

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  1. This is so sad and painful…How can you beat an old woman this way no matter what,I’m even seeing women and young girls (ladies) there too…I handed you all over to God. So cruel and you all want to grow old while creating curse upon yourself with your own hands…hmmmm. I’m sorry for your lives.

    • Adekunle Opeyemi

      She is old,why threaten her like that ? even she is witch just hand her to the polices,oh african people let us have compassion for elderly,some they are just confused,dementia,amnesia and u called it witch ?

    • Nigeria Property

      So beating the old woman and stripping her naked has removed the so called witch powers from her. Even girls were among the people hitting and stripping her naked and tomorrow we pray to get old. This woman can be in her early stages of dementia. Why is every old/young person brand with witch or wizard. This barbaric actions pains a lot.

    • Nigeria Property

      what an act of wickedness in the highest order. Nigerians will never change. Na only Nigeria witch dey. If this woman swear for them, e too follow them. We are not to judge any one. I so feel for this woman.

  2. Balogun Adesina

    in this 21st century..omg!! THis is crappy

  3. Ola Mathew

    None of them were eyewitness ,they just depends on hear say and they believed. If you ask them who among them saw her flying or landing as a witch,no body would testify. They are just beating the poor old woman,mob action without concrete evidence. I am very sure that if the old woman lay a spell on them ,if she happens to be innocent,it would surely fall them. May God forgive those who are involved .

  4. Jokes, Stories, Praise & Worship

    I couldn’t stop crying while watching the woman old enough to be my grandmother being beaten and striped naked. Tomorrow these youth will be wondering why they are faced with courses and sorrows. This innocent old woman might be suffering some kind of health related problems and yet these illiterates are not civilised enough to understand. May the consequences of this act never impact on me for watching these Nigerian demon possessed youth’s stupidity.

  5. Paul Paul

    Africa wake up… Nigeria wakep up…!!! stop hiting an old woman callin her witch.. remove such Kind of belives in ur hearts…
    try making somthing positiv in ur lifes. .. hv marce to elders, this is so heart breaking… wht u nt gonna do ur elders dnt do it to someones elder.

  6. Publicist

    this woman is innocent, enemies can gang up and accuse her Hmmm

  7. Am an isoko girl and this is just too sick cred my eyes out, why are humans so wicked old woman at that, God punish every one that put hand on that old woman and to fool that videos it, you are very stupid .

  8. Treasure Ozioma

    All of you who lift ur hand and hit this woman you have bring curse to u and upon ur family and ur house hold

  9. Omotayo Amire

    Somebody could pay lots of cash to anyone who actually knows how to fly like a witch. New special forces in the world would be really happy to know this trick, the rifle riding flying commandos… everybody in the crowd would deserve a slap on their face, one should ask her to reveal the secret of flying – instead of beating her up.

  10. Jamiu Raji Rassaki

    Abeg free the innocent old woman jor. Her enemies have ganged and frame against her. Poor old woman na eweghi onye ga ekwuru ya. I pity those young girls shouting and mocking her because they dont know that they are already cursed by this old woman.