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Interpretation of Dreams about Iri Owuro (Morning Dew) – Obanifa

One of the best thing to dream about is Iri owuro (mornings dew) if you dream of morning dew it usually have positive meaning than negative in yoruba believe. In this short post I will give succinct meaning of what dream about dew mean in yoruba traditional believe. To see Iri (dew) in your dreams mean the following:ifokanbale(peace of mind), aseyori(success) aye ero(peace) Ife (love) iyonu olodumare (favor of God) etc. On the other hand seeing iri(dew) In your dreams can also means some negative thing depending on the time and the place you see the dew. It can mean :sickness, deceit, etc I will explain some meaning of seeing dew in your dreams. But as I always say this can not be exhausted in a single post. Now to some of the dew dreams
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