Itefa /Isefa

What is Ifa?
Ifa itself is a temple of knowledge and wisdom. It is a light that illuminates darkness, solution to problems, Right path Navigator and ability to foresee what the ancient, present and future holds in determining issues surrounding them.
What is Itefa?
Isefa simply mean Ifa initiation. The initiation into Ifa is a way of founding solution to life problem, how you must live your life, what you will be doing, what you must not do that affects/affecting your life shall be mentioned during initiation, it a remedy to life problems. This IFA initiation is not one man work, it comprises a group of vibrant babalawos. They said “when one is initiated into IFA such a person has completed all cults” Eni to te Ifa ti pari ebora. It is very important for every human being to be initiated into Ifa because it foresee what we were destined to do on earth and a way out of the problems confronting you. The taboos will be given to you at the third day of the initiation called Ikota. Ifa says;
Adifafun orunmila baba nlo re te Amosun omo re nifa
Nje ategbo
Ateye Bi adire bate omo re yo ye
Ateye bi Ifa bate omo re yo ye.
Isefa is simply mean receiving a hand or hands of ifa to be worshiping before ifa initiation.
Isefa is important when one is unable to pay for Itefa.
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Important of Itefa and Isefa
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