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Iyemoja: Facts About Orisa Yemoja (Must read)

Translated by babalawo Pele Obasa Obanifa

Yemoja is one of the most important female deity in yoruba spirituality, that has a very close association with water elements.yemoja is a godess of fertility and love because Yemoja name her self mean mother of many children who are plenty as fish. Yemoja is a good provider of children. This important female diety called Yemoja or Iyemoja is known by different names in different tradition. But her real name is her yoruba name Yemoja or Iyemoja. The reason for this different names arise from the slave trade. This female diety went with members of yoruba race that were taken to different parts of the world during slave trade era, that is when this female deity Yemoja was given different names, anyway the efficacy of the name given remain the same.

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