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Lẹhin ọdun diẹ…

Lẹhin ọdun diẹ,
Lẹhin ìgbà diẹ,
A o ko wa jọ pẹl’ awọn
Ti o sun n’ iboji.
Oluwa, mú mi yẹ
Fun ọjọ nlanla nã!
Jọ̃, wẹ mi ninu Ẹjẹ́ Rẹ,
Si ko ẹ̀ṣẹ̀ mi lọ.
s, |s, :s, :m : – .r |d : – : -||
d |r : – .r :d :r |m : – : -||
m |f : – .f :f :r |m : – .m :m||
d |r :r :m :r |d : – : -||
d |r :r :d :r |m : – : – : -||
m m.m :r :m |f : – : -||
f |m :s :s :m |m :d : d||
l, |s, :d :m : – .r |d : – : -||

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