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Lucumí Vocabulary: How Yoruba Culture Survived The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade 👍

Yoruba Culture Yet Survives The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Lucumí Vocabulary Is Another Version Of Yoruba Language Spoken By Yoruba Slave Immigrants In North & South America.

Here are a few words in Lucumí to get you started:

Adié: Hen
Abó: Ram
Abebé: Fan
Aberinkulá: Uninitiated Person or Thing
Aburo: Brother, Sister
Adé: Crown
Afefé: Wind
Agó: Ask for Permission, Knock Knock
Agogó: Bell, Hour
Agoya: Enter
Aikú: Health, Long Life
Ajuba: We Salute You…
Akukó: Rooster
Ala: White Cloth
Ala: Dream
Alagba, Agbalagba: Respected
Alejo: Outsider
Aná: Road
Ara: Thunder
Arayé: Envy, Ill-Will
Arun: Sickness
Ashá: Cigar, Tobacco
Ashé: So Be It, The Spiritual Power of the Universe, Talent
Ashelú: Police
Asheogún Otá: Victory Over Enemies
Ashere: Maraca, Rattle
Asho: Cloth
Ataná: Candle
Awó: Secret
Ayán: Orisha of Drums
Babá: Father
Babalawo: Father of the Secrets
Babalosha: Father of Orisha, Priest
Busi: Bless
Didé: Rise
Dudu: Dark
Egun: The Dead
Eiyele: Dove, Pigeon
Ejá: Fish
Eje: Blood
Ejo: Court Case
Ekó: Corn Meal
Ekú: Hutía
Ekún: Leopard
Ekpó: Palm Oil
Ení: Mat
Ení: Person
Ese: Foot
Eyín: Egg
Fe: Love
Foribale: Salute by Prostrating
Fun: For, Give
Funfún: White
Gbogbo: All
Gidigidi: Very Much
Iñá: Fire
Ibú: Stream, River
Ibaé Bayé T’orún: Rest in Peace (Salute to the Dead)
Igba: Calabash
Ikú: Death
Ilé: House
Ilé: Ground, Land
Ilekún: Door
Iré: Blessings
Irawo: Star
Ishu: African Yam
Iworo: Priest
Iyá: Mother
Iyalosha: Mother of Orisha, Priestess
Iyawó: Bride
Juba: Salute
Kosí: There Is No
Kunlé: Kneel
Lo: Go
Maferefún: Praise Be To…
Mi: My
Mo: I
Moducué: Thank You
Moforibale: I Salute You By Prostrating
Mojuba: I Salute You
Nlo: Is Going
Obá: King
Obí: Coconut, Obí Kola Nut
Obirin: Woman
Odo: River
Ododó: Flower
Ofún: White Chalk (made with eggshells)
Ofo: Loss
Ogun: Witchcraft
Okún: Sea, Ocean
Oke: Mountain
Oko: Man, Husband
Olo: Owner, On Who Has…
Oluwo: Lord of Awos (Babalawo who became an orisha priest beforehand)
Omí Dudu: Coffee
Omí: Water
Omo: Child
Ona: road
Oni: Owner of…
Opolopo: Plenty
Orí: Head
Orí: Cocao Butter
Orún: Heaven
Orún: Sun
Oshe: Double Headed Axe
Osogbo: Negative Influence
Otí: Rum
Owó: Money
Owú: Cotton
Oyín: Honey
Shishé: Work
Surefun: Bless
Temí: My, Mine
Tie: Your
Timbelese: At the Feet of…
Tobí: Who Gave Birth
Tutu: Cool, Fresh
Wa: Come
Waní: Who Come
Yeye: Mama

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