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Nigerian wife pick race, files for divorce because her husband’s penis is ‘too big’

Hahaha. This is the reason some individuals say that we ladies ought to test before we purchase. Aisha Dannupawa, a housewife and mother of three, asked a court in Zamfara to break her marriage to new spouse Ali Maizinari after only one week of marriage.

Why, you ask? All things considered, she told the courts that his penis was big to the point that their first endeavor at sex as a couple left her damaged.

“When he came, we had sex but the experience was a nightmare. Instead of enjoying the sex, it turned out to be something else, because his penis was too big.’ she said

After their first endeavor, she had to take pain medication  solution given to her by her mom who exhorted her to endure. On the other hand, when she and her hubby had intercourse once more, it was ‘a lot to hold up under’ and the couple reasoned that no medication could help their sexual coexistence or their marriage. Her new spouse concluded that he was ready to set her free, permitting her dissolve their union only if his dowry  and cash spent amid his courtship with her was paid back.

To give the long story the ax, their separation was conceded by a Judge after only a week of marriage in an Islamic Sharia court in Zamfara State.

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