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Odu, Idin Osogbo, Idin ileke, Idin irete


Looking at the Odu, Idin Osogbo, Idin ileke, Idin irete, cast for today’s Ose Ifa, I can declare that our detractors shall be put to shame. Just listen as follows:-

Won se ko baje Awo Aye
Ko lee baje Awo Ode Orun
Adifa fun Orunmila, Baba nse oun gbogbo okankan o yori
Nje won se ko baje ki won lee maa yo
Ko lee baje
Ara e dupe, e fiyi f’Eleda, ko lee baje

They ganged up for destruction, the Priest of Earth 
It shall never be destroyed, the Priest of Heaven 
Cast divination for Orunmila, our Father was doing things without success 
Now, they are planning for it to get spoilt so that they can jubilate
But it will never get spoilt 
People, please give thanks and show gratitude to the Creator. 

Stay blessed

From Araba of Oworonsoki land Lagos Nigeria

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