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Odu Ifa

Odu Ifa,”Irosun Oyeku” Cast Today For Ose Ifa

Looking at Odu Ifa, “Irosun Oyeku” cast today for Ose Ifa, I can advise all Priests and Priestesses to imbibe calmness in their characters so that they can always achieve their desires. Secondly, the stanza contains one of the Yoruba wise sayings which is to prove again that Ifa is the encyclopedia of the Yoruba language. Just listen to the verse as follows:-

Igba kele kii fo
Awo kele kii ya
Aso kele kii gbonya
Ohun a ba feso mu kii baje
Ohun a ba fagbara mu nii le koko bi ota
Adifa fun Orunmila
Baba nlo ree gbe Kele niyawo
Ki la fi mu kele dele more
Eso eso nla fi nmu kele de’le
Eso eso

Calabash handled with care does not break
Ceramic handled with caution does not shatter
The garment worn with elegant care does not shred abruptly
Things handled with caution do not spoil
Those enforced violently present stony difficulties
Divine message to Orunmila
When courting Kele for a wife
How did we win Kele’s hand ultimately
Gentleness and perseverance, that was how we won Kele’s hand
Patience and gentleness.

Happy Ose Ifa today to you all.

Stay blessed.

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