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Odu, Otua rete

Looking at Odu, Otua rete cast for today’s Ose Ifa, I conclude that fulfilling the obligation is necessary as a way of thanksgiving. Just listen to the sacred message from the Odu as follows:-

Alayonbere abiru gbooro
Adifa fun Modupeola tii saremo Olodumare
Mo dupe lowo Olorun mi
Otua Rete mo dupe
Mo dupe lowo Ori mi
Otua Rete mo dupe
Mo dupe lowo Ifa mi
Otua Rete mo dupe

The monitor reptile with its long tail
Cast divination for Modupeola( my gratitude for wealth), the first child of God(Olodumare)
I am grateful to God
Otua Rete, I thank you
I am grateful to my Ori(destiny)
Otua Rete, I thank you
I am grateful to my Ifa
Otua Rete, please accept my appreciation

Happy Ose Ifa to you all today.

Stay blessed.
From Araba of Oworonsoki land, Lagos Nigeria


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