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Ooni Of Ife is the King Of All Orisa & Mortal Representative of God On Earth

ILE-IFE is the source of the World where every existence commenced from the beginning. In the beginning, the world was without form and the spirit of darkness was the soul of the universe until the Almighty GOD manifested “OSANGANRI-GANRI OBAMAKIN (The Daily New Dawn)” to commence the page of new beginning on the surface of the formless bottomless sphere that existed as IWASE (Ancient Sphere of Mystery).

The Creation of everything including the Earth and Heaven in existence was manifested by GOD in His divine forms of classification which immortalized into sacred divinity.

ODUDUWA (The Divine Mystery of Existence) was the Royal King in the Mortal image of God among the sacred Divinity that established IFE OODAYE (The World of the Divine), IFE OOYELAGBO (The World of divine balance between the Divinity and the Deity) & ILE-IFE (The Mortal World of United Balance between the Divinity (IRUNMOLE), Deity (ORISA) & Mankind)

The reincarnated mortal state of ODUDUWA transitioned the Divine Royalty unto Every Chosen ONILE (Lord of the Earth) to manifested into OONIRISA (the Mortal Lord of all Deity). So therefore, since time immemorial, it’s the divine responsibility of the IRUNMOLE to choose and anoint the New OONIRISA (Lord of the Earth) when the former has passed away.

 OONI is never a mankind or ordinary King that HIS fate or destiny can be determined by any man except the ORISA because the Sacred Divine Crown of ODUDUWA called “AARE” can only befit the Anointed Lord of the Earth that has been chosen by OLODUMARE.

All mankind across the globe must be awakened to the sacred truth that whatever anyone shall become on earth has already been divinely manifested before the earthly birth of everyone.

Regardless of whether the BIRTH-FATHER or MOTHER of any divinely chosen OONI is alive, that doesn’t question the divine action of God for chosen any young or old extra-ordinary personality to become the OONI and rule the whole world. Whosoever is questioning the essence or earthly features or characteristics of the Anointed OONI is only questioning the existence of OLODUMARE ! ! !



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