Oriki Olokun

Olokun, orisa that lives in water
She spreads herself all over the earth
Orisa that has no hand
Orisa that has no leg
She uses her power to take your legs out from under you
That makes a small child fall down flat
Please, we beg you, do not make me fall down
Okun, help me to achieve my desires
Olokun, bless my head
Make my head become a head of riches
The way you have turned the head of foreigners
Who make the ocean as their passageway
Ocean that is not black like dyed cloth
The mother that helps her child avoid being caught
Save me!
Olokun the Queen of Water
The good protector, help me protect my child
The one who leads children
Save me and save my soul
Nobody can see the end of Okun
And no one sees the end of Olosa (lagoon)
No one can see the root of omo gelegele
Those who dare try to see the end of Okun
Are ships in the ocean
Ocean is orisa that went to the land of her people
Ocean is the most powerful amongst all waters
Olokun seri aje has long narrow hands
That she uses to remove her daughters from holes
Seri aje Save me O!
You cannot use a calabash to pour Okun
The odu of Ogbe Ate tells us a true story of Olokun, as the odu Ifa have been handed down orally for thousands of years, and it is to this authentic and reliable Yoruba source that I will tell one story of Olokun, and know that there are many other versions backed up by Odu Ifa, such as how Olokun became a cowrie diviner, or how she became the most powerful among all diviners.

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