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Please advise: My Wife Doesn’t Work Yet Dinner Is Never Ready Before 9pm

Please ooduarere I want help because I’m loosing my patience. I have already been married to my spouse for 6years and I haven’t had dinner before 9PM. Sometimes I’m served dinner past 11pm. My spouse doesn’t have any job yet. I wake early everyday because I need to bath and dress our two kids up each day while she makes their breakfast and prepare something for the lunch boxes. I drop the children at school and go to work from there. I return home before 6pm and dinner is never ready.


I’ve complained and complained and she makes adjustments for 2 days every time I complain. I get angry at a point and informed her I won’t eat her food after 7pm. That week, she acted on my instruction and I must say i ate at 7pm or simply before 7:30pm. That’s the only real week I enjoyed dinner early. I’ve even developed pot belle as a result of eating late.
I got home early today and she started picking vegetables to make soup at about 3:30pm. This is 8pm and I still haven’t eaten. I’m so angry. I must say i see her busy working in kitchen but I don’t know why it takes so long, for the food to be ready. Not that she attends to the kids. I assist the children with their homework and prepare them for bed. I’m very angry. Please advise.

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