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Please help, I slept with 2 guys in 24 hours, I’m pregnant! Is there a way to guess the father?

My name is Am***, 29, I have now been seeing two men together for over 6 months and I never had the cause to regret it or feel remorseful until now.
I’m 3 months pregnant and I’m in a dilemma of who the father of my unborn baby is.

I slept with my two boyfriends in the area of 24 hours or less, something had never happened before. I was caught off guard and I couldn’t run.

The one I truly love and aspire to settle with soon after the s*x told me to get pills and not conceive while the one I do not really love said he is the happiest man if I got pregnant.

Now I’m pregnant, scared of abortion, confused about paternity! Can there be a method to know or guess who really fertilized my eggs?
I haven’t told either men about my condition, yet, I understand Ad*** won’t be happy about this, could even suggest an ab0rtion… Vic*** on one other hand could be ecstatic but I can’t tell both men I’m carrying the youngster!

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