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7 Reasons Why Polytechnic Students Are being Discriminated or Rated 2nd Class Student.

    Although 70% of Nigeria student lacks confidence to compete with their international counterpart after graduation but most polytechnic student feel empty after graduation due to the confidence they lack in themselves . Most of them don’t believe in what they can achieve. Whenever they are vying for something with their University counterparts, they started having this feeling of emptiness in them…

As a matter of fact,most polytechnic in Nigeria lacks teaching facilities such as well unequipped laboratory ,library etc . unlike their University counterpart who consult textbook as recommended by their lecturers , most polytechnic student depend solely on the handout or material given to them by their lecturers therefore they limit them self to this material without developing themselves.

Some poly student do look down on themselves as if they are not real student.There’s this saying that “whichever way you present yourself,that is the way you will be accepted”.

Due to the disparity between University and polytechnic graduates in the labour market.The morale of some polytechnic student drop whenever they think of this . That’s the reason why some of them apply for direct entry after their ND/HND…. With PGD+HND, they are still not in the same level with their BSc counterparts.

Leave it or take it , most polytechnics lacks qualified teaching staff.It is in polytechnic that you will see HND holder serving as teaching staff in the class room. The number of lecturers with PhD is nothing to write home about.. Most of the staffs don’t develop themselves because they can reach the peak of their career(chief lecturer) with ordinary MSc unlike in the University where you will need to Obtain your Phd+many publications and a lot of research work to become a professor….
6) POOR ACADEMIC CURRICULUM : How on earth can a student be offering 14-15 courses in a semester and the total day for the exam is a week or two.These makes them to read without understanding or to read just to pass their exams and this will affect in the nearest future.

Most polytechnics in Nigeria still uses 19th century method of teaching to teach their student.For example,a mechanical engineering student that uses 1970 model Peugeot for their practical instead of modern cars.How will they be able to handle a modern vehicle after graduation.
Most of these poly students are not exposed to research.

Development: Always develop yourself to be better than your university counterpart. Believe in yourself: Believe it that you can be better than your university counterpart. Proof yourself to people by displaying a marketable skills. Try to acquire skills relevant to your field… For example, as an engineering student, you can learn AutoCad or as a computer science student, you can learn programming…

Above it all, believe in yourself

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