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Post of the Week: Young IGP Sanusi in the Making!

When I learnt of the Young ASP Sanusi, the emir of Kano’s son, I marvelled at how the the wealthy and wise people prepare and position their kids for greatness and leadership so early in life. The Young man is just about 21. He is already done with his 1st degree. Finished his 1yr compulsory service and has joined the Police Force. He just got married. Some persons can already tell where and what he will become in 30yrs – future IGP” they see.

Children of the poor seem not to even know where they are going. At 30 that’s when we are struggling to go for service. After service, you start struggling to find your feet. 35, some are still with parents waiting for handouts. 37, we are still single. If we manage to get a job, then clubs and prostitutes become our companion.
40, 45 we begin to find who to love us. We soon begin to tag ourselves all sort of labels. 
We need to learn and fast.

Eno Beké Ikwen

Naija gist
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