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“You’re now a Veteran upcoming artiste…” Ruggedman replies Blackface

The comebacks are not over for Blackface as it seems his recent interview with Pulse had him stepping on more toes in the Nigerian music industry where he did not just mention Nigerian rapper, Ruggedman, but also expressed his disappointment at Ruggedman for not standing up to what he preached at the beginning of his career, which is rapping against artiste’s lack of originality and speciality in copying.

Well, Ruggedman like 2Baba is not keeping quiet for too long.

“By the way, I am sure you are not blind and can see that Nigeria is still not as great as we want. So why aren’t you singing everyday about it like you said you expected me to keep doing about artists copying?”

The rapper, on Instagram, advised Blackface to get something better to do rather than complain and rant about on social media. Not forgetting to acknowledge the talent of his colleague, which he admits respect for, Ruggedman advised Blackface to get his act together and stop allowing himself be used by the media to generate content. Speaking further, he said the “veteran upcoming rapper” should emulate veterans like him who despite the change in time and season have hit the studio and do what they know how to do best, Music. In Ruggedman’s words;

if you hit the studios as much as you rant, I know one good song would have come out.

How true is that? Read his full message below;

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