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See 2014 Most expensive Phone in The World worth $250,000 (₦46,862,500) Pic

Cell phones simply got more intelligent – or at any rate more extravagant. With a sticker of $250,000,(N46,862,500)savelli cell phones come complete with 18-carat white gold packaging encrusted with valuable precious stones.
It’s as much a bit of gems as a gadget.the mission of its producers, the Geneva-based gem dealer Savelli, was to “hoist a telephone into haute couture.”

“It’s the most important object one has with them all the time — it’s in your hand, it’s in your pocket, it’s next to you when you sleep, you can touch it 100 times a day,” Alessandro Savelli, the firm’s CEO,said.The jeweler is hoping to win the hearts of luxury shoppers, with the brand focusing exclusively on women.”I think our customers are really looking for something special, really a beautiful object which they use every day and is extremely visible and really makes part of their persona,” Savelli said.

The limited collection emphasizes 11 cell phones fueled by Google Android framework and enriched with extravagance materials, for example, sapphires and emeralds, and completed off with ostrich, python and iguana calfskin. The two most lavish models are constrained to just 27 pieces. The hand-made Emerald Night, is decorated with 18-carat rose gold and 400 splendid cut emeralds, while Emerald Insane gimmicks 75 baguette-cut emeralds on white gold. The same procedures and materials utilized as a part of gems assembling are utilized to produce the telephones, Savelli said.

“We don’t really see the mobile phone industry as a competitor,” Savelli said. “We see more the watch and jewelery as our universe.” After launching in Europe, the brand is now looking towards the east and emerging markets, such as China, Middle East and Russia, where the luxury business is booming.

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