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SHOCKER! Woman Claims “Holy Ghost” Told Her To have s3x With Her Pastor [Photos]

A woman from Nkrankwanta has ended up disrespected by a pastor when she called and let him know that the blessed phantom has taught her to come and sleep with him

(The pastor ) Sources near to the pastor uncovered that the pastor who is the main clergyman of the Temple of Praise Church discovered the methodology strange and chose to uncover this woman so he advised her to come.

As the young lady touched base in the pastor’s room, the pastor had officially alarmed some individuals about what the woman was going to do.

The pastor advised her to sit tight for him in the room and he went out to call individuals to come and see what was going on. Before they got to the room , the woman had officially undressed waiting up for the pastor.

The pastor then dragged the woman out and people began taking photographs of the stripped woman with their telephones.


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One will ask what's the rationale behind any prophecy; if any Aphorism that comes out of a man of God is actually a Prophecy. The gullibility of Nigerians in naivety amount to Lazy gossip.