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The Man I Met At The Supermarket

I went to a supermarket to pick something to eat.

As I was walking down the isle, I noticed a man staring at me. I looked at the man and kept walking to the front counter to pick Gala.

As I picked it, I turned to see the man right in front of me.

I smiled and greeted him, then went on to get Lacasera.

The man followed me through the store.

I was getting a little nervous and mad because he was following me without saying anything.

Trying to be friendly I said, ”Hi!”

The man finally said, he is sorry for staring at me, but I look like his youngest son. They just buried him two weeks ago.

I felt silly for getting mad as I expressed my sincerity to him.

He said he was fine as he knows his son is with the Lord.

Then he asked me to do him a favour.

I said, ”Sure, if i can”.

He said he was a bit sad that his son never said goodbye before passing on.

He asked me to get in line behind him, and as he left the store I should say, Goodbye dad! So that he can have a sense of closure.

Though his request was weird, I however agreed to grant him.

As he collected his bags from the cashier and walked away, I said, ”Goodbye dad!”.

He turned and said, ”Goodbye my dear son!”.

When the cashier calculated my bill she said the total is 12,500 Naira.

I screamed, ”For what? How can a Lacasera of 120 Naira and 50 Naira Gala turn to that amount?”.

He replied, ”Your dad said you are paying for his bill too!”.

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