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Today’s Ifa Sermon (Oro isiti) from “Otua Fun”: A kii fi Ori we Ori n’ile aye

My sermon( oro isiti) today, 10thJune 2017 at our Temple, Ijo Orunmila Ato( Indigene Faith of Africa)Inc. 90 Freeman st E.B, Lagos, was from “Otua Fun” and titled as follows:-
A kii fi Ori we Ori n’ile aye
Ayanmo onikaluku wa ni otooto
We cannot compare one’s luck with another
For human destinies are different.
Now, listen to the super story.
The man named “Meeriye” was in abject poverty and consulted Ifa for salvation. From the Odu cast, he was instructed by the Babalawo to sacrifice pigeons, roosters and a bottle of palm oil. He complied and was further advised to go to the market to pray for well being of the Oba (King) of the town and himself and break the bottle containing the palm oil at central position in the market. He also did as instructed. Immediately he broke the bottle and the palm oil spilling over, he was arrested and taken to the palace.
The King asked him, “why do you want to spoil my town?” He responded, “Your Royal Majesty, this ebo is for your welfare and the town in general. In fact I borrowed money to perform this ritual. I am of this opinion that if the king is comfortable, it would extend to other indigenes including myself”. The King was very impressed and said, “so, people like this man who is not selfish still exist”. He rewarded him with clothes, horse and a lot of money. He was elevated from a poor person to a millionaire. He thanked Olodumare, Ori and Ifa.
Meeriye had a friend who continued to harass him to disclose his source of sudden wealth despite being helped financially by Meeriye. After much pressures, he told him. The stupid man did not do any Ifa consultation but went to buy 6 bottles of palm oil and went to the market and broke them. Everybody thought he was mad. Nobody challenged him. He shouted,” why wouldn’t people arrest him and take him to the King?” He arrested himself and people followed him to the palace. When he got to the Palace, he arrogantly told the King, “why won’t you enrich me as you did to my friend, Meeriye?” The King was so annoyed and ordered his execution.
Do you blame the King?
We should not be stupid to copy other people.
Those who have ears should listen.
Stay blessed.
From Araba of Oworonsoki land, Lagos Nigeria.

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