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Top 13 Factors to consider before embarking on Catfish farming business

1. Access to good quality and enough quantity of water supply.

2. Access to good quality brood stock for breeding and stocking or quality Catfish fish seed for stocking.

3. Type of pond, sizes of pond and management structures.

4. Level of feed input

5. Specie of Catfish fish and market value

6. Stocking density

7. Management Practice.

7. Catfish Fish feed quality

8. Sorting and grading periods.

9. Stress management techniques

10. Diseases management knowledge

11. Catfish Fish farm management

12. Marketing and harvesting of fish

13. Fish processing and packaging

14. and so on


Boomark this article as I will be treating the outlines one by one and I will try to make my explanations simple and straightforward. If there is any question. Please join the whatsapp group chat at anytime. I will attend to it as soon as I see the question. We are after the success of every Farmer, you too can make it if you have the right information about the business.


For people experiencing mortality in Fish Hatchery

Mortality doesn’t just occur, there most be something wrong some where, before any mortality will start to occur.

List of things that can cause mortality in fry include

1. Very low temperature
Temperature lower than 23°c will cause mortality most especially at night.

2. Low dissolve oxygen,
Dissolve oxygen lower than 4mg/L will cause mortality

3. Water pollution due to nitrogenous waste product from uneaten feed and faces or unsiphoned unhatched eggs.

4. High water depth. Water depth higher than 0.3m will stress fry.

5. Exposure to sunlight, dragon fly, wall gecko lizard or germs carrying substances.

6. High Iron (Fe) in water.

7 High total dissolved solid will clog their little gills

8. Type of protein in feed, Over feeding and Underfeeding may cause fry death as well.

9. Ammonia in water may cause death as well

10. If Water pH is higher than 9 or lower than 5 may also cause death.

11. Infection from parent stock may cause death too

12. Using male and female brood stock from the same parent will produce fry with very weak immune system and they die easily

Check all the above first. If you are satisfied. Then you can bring salt to rescue. 1kg salt to 1000 litres of water for small Catfish. For big ones 2kg salt to 1000 litres of water. Let them swim in it for 30 min. They will become active and mortality will reduce.

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