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Odu Ifa

What Odu Ifa says in Osa logbe

Today, Sunday, Ojo Aiku (day of immortality), Ose Ifa, looking at the Odu, “Osa logbe”, what else can we request from Ifa if not longevity because he/she who is endowed with longevity receives goodness 
Just listen to one of the stanzas:-

Iduro go go go ni njagba ni’ya
Adifa fun Orunmila Baba nbe l’Otufe
Won ni ki Baba o wa ku
Ai gbo’ku oko
Ai gbo’ku ikin
Ai gbo’ku ile a fi kosa

Long standing up of the elders is suffering 
Cast divination for Orunmila, Father was in Ile Ife, the evil people wanted him to die
Nobody hears the death of the hoe
Nobody hears the death of Ikin( sacred palm nuts/Ifa)
Abomination: you will never hear the death of the Earth except immortality.

I declare today, Ose Ofa, that we shall live long to reap the fruits of our labour.

Stay blessed

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