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Aseyin Charges People Of Ipapo And Oke Amu To Foster Peace In Their Boundaries

People of Itesiwaju local government area of Oyo State have been urged to complement efforts of Senator Abiola Ajimobi led government by ensuring peaceful co-existence with people of Iseyin Land that share boundaries with them.
The Chairman, Conference of Obas and Chiefs of Oke Ogun and Aseyin of Iseyin Land, Oba Dr. AbdulGaniyy Adekunle Salau, JP, DVM, Oloogunebi-Ajinese I gave this call in a release issued today.
According to the monarch, people of Itesiwaju local government particularly those in Ipapo and Oke Amu have been allegedly threatening peace with people of Isalu community in Iseyin local govrrnment that share boundaries with them over land disputes.
Aseyin narrated that in different occasions, people of Ipapo and Oke Amu in Itesiwaju Local Government have been erroneously claiming ownership of landed properties belonging to people of Iseyin adding that they have been allegedly assaulting his people and destroying their properties including those that belonged to Iseyin Local Government.
He disclosed that he was aware of destruction of properties of people of Iseyin Local government in villages like Aba Akala, Ikere, Ikanyin, Akintayo and several others that share boundaries with people of the two villages in Itesiwaju local government by people of Ipapo and Oke Amu.

While condemning the incessant attacks of people of Iseyin land on the lands that belonged to Iseyin Local Government by people of Itesiwaju local government, Oba Dr. Salau charged the traditional rulers in Itesiwaju local government particularly in Ipapo and Oke Amu to talk to their subjects so that they will not become sources of community crises in the State.
?For those who care to know the history, Ipapo and Oke Amu and several other communities in Itesiwaju local government were given their present acclaimed territory by Aseyin. So, people in the communities; Ipapo and Oke Amu in particular should not be ingrates and therefore allow peace to reign in our boundaries,? Aseyin declared.
He charged Oyo State government to call people of the two villages to order so that they would not provoke people of Iseyin to reciprocate to the violence being put forward by people of Ipapo and Oke Amu reiterating that his subjects were being beating up on their rightful land everyday in recent times.
The Royal father admonished people of Iseyin Land to continue to be peace loving and law abiding by making sure that they do not engage in violence with people in Ipapo and Oke Amu but see them as their brothers whose lives and properties must be protected.

Advising his subjects against violence and communal crises, Aseyin said ?please, do not reciprocate their actions, I am very sure, the wise ones in the two communities and Itesiwaju local government in general will talk to their subjects and Oyo State government will look into the matter soonest,? Aseyin assured.

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