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20-year-old passenger behind bars for killing an okada rider, over ₦50

Abdulrahman Muhammed, has thrown the family of a commercial motorcyclist, Owechu Odeje, 25, into mourning after he allegedly slit the okada rider’s throat, Punchng reports.

Owechu was taking Muhammed from Ijaba junction to Ijaba Pipeline, in Ogun State, when the latter reportedly killed him and fled with the motorcycle, leaving him in a pool of blood.

Muhammed, who spoke in Hausa, told the police that argument over N50 change led to a scuffle between him and Owechu,during which he stabbed the victim. He said, “When I reached my destination, I gave him N200 and asked for N50 change.
He said my fare was N200 and refused to give me change. As we were exchanging words, he slapped me. He removed the knife from my pocket and we started struggling. I managed to collect it and stabbed him. I didn’t mean to kill him.”

It took the intervention of the community leaders and a police team, to douse the tension that ensued after Owechu’s killing. A rider, said, “For two days, Hausa traders around the park could not open shops because the other residents were angry.
The Hausa leader, baales within communities in Iyesi and the DPO had to come to the park to pacify us.”

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