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Fatai Owoseni

Lagos Police: Arrest the criminals, not traditional religious practitioners!

I was distressed this morning after seeing a video of some Egungun being disgraced by the Lagos State Commissioner of Police.

Yes, area boys often take advantage of traditional festivals to instigate trouble. It is the duty of law enforcement agents to arrest the trouble makers, not religious leaders, who are simply doing what Christians and Muslims regularly do without any interference by the Police.

Easter is a period many Christians carry the cross of Christ around streets, singing and dancing in the process. Muslims do same during the birthday anniversary of their prophet. Pastors and Imams are never arrested when trouble breaks out. It smacks of gross discrimination and a deliberate attempt to intimidate practitioners of traditional religion to put Egunguns on display as criminals in a country, where the constitution guarantees freedom of worship.

Yoruba lawyers with interest in traditional religion should step forward to check this desecration of our freedom by the Police in Lagos State. Arrest the criminals, not traditional religious practitioners!

Wale Adedayo
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  1. Balogun Adesina

    The cp did not display tact, maturity and finesse
    Purdah is being used by boko haram as suicide bomber in North East of Nigeria yet the military didn’t come out to say anybody under purdah should be arrested
    You don’t bring the culture of a people you also emanate from to disrepute
    A river that forgets its source draws extinction of its very essence

  2. Matthew Oluyede

    This cp had hatred toward traditional belivers

  3. Miriam Archibong

    Well said! It is very annoying and disgusting, to say the very least, that practitioners of our traditional religion, are being treated with such levity, in their own homeland.

    Even when you want to swear to an oath, in court, the question is usually, “Christian, or Muslim?” Haba, this is officially a multi-religious society, for God’s sake!

  4. Treasure Ozioma

    Thank you for this notice : Q- how much more disrespect are traditionalist too endore !

  5. Publicist

    A man that forget his roots is like a river without source ” – Professor Ola Rotimi . This is sad and flagrant descreation of traditional belief. It should be resisted to curb future trespass on our source

  6. Jamiu Raji Rassaki

    I agree. Enough of double standards


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