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2 US F16 jets shot down over Yemen this month.

Two F16 fighter jets were shot down over Yemen this month. At the point when the wreckage was analyzed, both were discovered to be of sorts never supplied to an Arab country, not Saudi Arabia, nor nation. The main “purchaser” in the region for that kind of plane is Israel, an online US military journal claimed in a report Tuesday.


As per Veterans Today, “new Saudi markings were painted on the two “Israeli” warplanes.”

Examination of the destruction demonstrated those planes to be of obscure starting point. While they conveyed Saudi paint jobs, they couldn’t be Saudi airplane and indeed were Israeli flying machine flown by Arabic speaking Israeli Air Force pilots, the journal asserted.

On May 11, the Yemeni ighters shot down a Moroccan fighter jet violating the nation’s airspace in the Noshour Valley in the northern territory of Sa’ada.

Prior in the day, another Saudi F16 contender plane was brought down in the Bayt Khayran range of the locale of Bani Harith in the north of the northwestern territory of Sana’a. The fighter jet had supposedly conducted various airstrikes against Yemen’s al-Dailami air base.

One of the two F16s was shot down by a redesigned BUK systm supplied by Russia — Yemen is very much outfitted with current Russian weaponry including MiG-29s and propelled air-protection systems, an actuality that has plainly been ignored by the Saudis and their Israeli associates.

Photograph examination of the killed F16 in Yemen demonstrated to it was likely one of the 50 surplus US F16 A models given to Israel amid the Clinton regime or it was of late surplus ex-NATO air ship either from Italy or Portugal.

The main other alternative is that they were specifically supplied from the US secretively, VT included.

With the distance between Israel and to Yemen being 1,200 miles a F16 with 3 drop tanks, 4×1000 lb. bombs and two sidewinder rockets for self-preservation is do-capable from Israel — the exceptionally same separation and mission setup as expected to hit Iran, the US edition claimed in in a report

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