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A captured Ukrainian soldiers walks around the streets of Donetsk

Subtitles by Ollie Richardson and Angelina Siard

“I Started to See Clearly”: A Captured Ukrainian Soldier Walks Around the Streets of Donetsk

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The Russian war correspondent Aleksandr Sladkov walked along the streets of Donetsk with a captured UAF serviceman, who then shared his impressions about what he saw.

“I started to see clearly. In Ukraine it is said that everything in Donetsk was destroyed. Here everybody is walking around, I saw a Christmas tree… Here there is only one thing to do: make peace. Here we are all the same, both you and I. Whether you speak Russian or Ukrainian, it is the same. I understand you, and you understand me,” said the former Ukrainian serviceman.

Whilst walking around Sladkov showed the Ukrainian soldier inscriptions in the Ukrainian language and monuments to famous Ukrainians in the center of Donetsk to show him that Donetsk residents have no hatred towards the ordinary citizens of Ukraine.

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