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China launches new meteorological satellite from the country’s southwest, Xinhua

China has Launched another meteorological satellite from the nation’s southwest, Xinhua news organization reported Wednesday.


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China Launches Yaogan-26 Remote Sensing Satellite

ABUJA, December 31 (Ooduarere) Lolade – The Fengyun-II 08 satellite, propelled from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan area, will be utilized to gather meteorological and ecological data. The information will be utilized for climate forecasting and atmosphere observing, Xinhua reported.

The satellite and the Long March 3a rocket, which conveyed the satellite to close earth circle, were built by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, as indicated by news agency.

The nation’s past climate satellite, Fengyun-II 07, was propelled in January 2012 is still in circle.

China has as of late helped its improvement of space advances. In November, the nation’s Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation proclaimed that it was wanting to dispatch around 120 connected satellites in planning for a national space foundation later on that will incorporate 70 satellites for environmental checking, 20 correspondence satellites and 30 route satellites. China arrangements to begin working its own space station in 2020, as indicated by the China National Space Administration.

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