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Ika logberi won o gboju lila f’Alawo #EsuIsNotSatan

The ignorants are wicked, they don’t want Yoruba Spirituality to prosper.

To buttress my point stated above, i would summarize my message (Oro isiti), delivered at our Temple, Indigene Faith of Africa(Ijo Orunmila Ato)Inc on the 29th December 2018 from Ogunda meji as follows:-

Orunmila had worked with all his heart for a man when he had nothing and was later crowned the King, Olofin. Orunmila had performed so many rituals for him for free when he was in financial predicament.

To cut long story short, the prophecy of Ifa manifested and he became the king with a lot of wealth. Orunmila had a son who was very ill which necessitated divination from other Priests. This would show Orunmila’s humility despite his awesome talents. The Priests named “Oju o kan won laaro, Lalelale loju ma nkanwon” instructed Orunmila to initiate his son to Ifa to be free of his sickness.

During this time, Orunmila was facing financial difficulties. He consulted his best friend, Esu Odara for assistance. Esu too couldn’t raise the fund for “Itefa” and advised Orunmila to seek help from the King, Olofin, who was the beneficiary of Orunmila’s kind gestures in the past. But surprisingly, Olofin turned it into a loan and demanded for collateral security. The two friends had none. The king demanded for a boy to work as a slave(iwofa) to work in his farm. Esu presented his son to do that.

What an ingrate ?

Orunmila took the loan and initiated his son to Ifa. He got better as Ifa predicted. After many years, Orunmila couldn’t pay the money and he was worried for Esu’s son still working as a slave on the farm. He shared his feelings with Esu who responded, “Please, don’t worry my friend, I know what to do”.

Esu visited his son in the farm and substituted the farmer’s hoe with his own. He said, “this is what you will be using now”. As soon as Esu left, the boy tried the new hoe(eruko) on the grass and the eldest(Aremo) son of King Olofin collapsed and lost consciousness in the Palace. As they were trying to revive him, the second child collapsed as Esu’s son was working in the farm.

The King summoned all the Babalawos around for solution. The Ifa Priests immediately recognized and advised that Esu’s son must be stopped from working on the farm. When they brought him and he saw something to be done on the grass in front of the Palace, he struck the hoe again on the soil and the King’s third child collapsed. Esu’s son cried, “please let me do the job I am supposed to do”. The King responded, “Please, don’t do more job”

Thereafter, Orunmila was invited by the King who cried and begged Orunmila for forgiveness. We all know our Father’s magnanimity. Orunmila demanded for Ebo, 200 dry rats, 200 dry fishes, 200 pigeons, 200 roosters, 200 hens, 200 goats etc( do you blame him?)

The Ebo was done and his 3 children were brought back to life. There, Olofin pronounced that no one should mistreat Ifa Priests to escape the wraths of the Gods.

Now to the above?
Who are the ignoramuses?
Should Ajayi Crowder be celebrated? No, not by us , may by other ignorants

Please, I urge the Scholars to feel our pain for the guilt of Ajayi Crowder for bastardizing our cherished heritage.

Dada ko le ja sugbon o ni aburo to gboju 
Dada cannot fight but possess courageous juniors who can fight.


Thank you all for your response to Olobe Yonyon and the crusade, “Esu is not satan”
Seyi Sotubo
Omidan Àyìnké Adéfemi
Oluwo Fayemi Fatunde Fakayode
Oluwo Ifaoleepin 
Popoola Owomide Ifagbenusola
Popoola Olorunimbe Adeoye
Iyalorisa Omitonade Ifawemimo
Efe Mena Int
And others too numerous to mention

Stay blessed

From Araba of Oworonsoki land Lagos Nigeria

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