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Pro-Kiev Commander: ‘We’ll Burn Down Crimea, With All Its Residents’

“You can take the leader out of his battalion, but you can’t take the battalion out of its leader”: a Ukrainian MP has issued outrageous threats against Crimea and threatened to torch its population.


© Sputnik/ Evgeny Kotenko

The militantly pro-Ukrainian Ukrainian Dnipro Battalion pioneer turned-MP Yuri Bereza has guaranteed to “torch Crimea, with every last bit of its occupants if necessary,” vociferously refusing to “liberate the peninsula in a somewhat cultural manner.” The saber-rattling lawmaker, did not say  who may require the individuals to be set blazed and why

The threat was voiced in a live show on the Ukrainian national TV channel 1+1.

Bereza has effectively separated himself emulating the embarrassment over the false photographs delineating an asserted Russian military presence in Ukraine on German TV.

A late news fragment which disclosed on Germany’s government ZDF channel demonstrated the alleged movement of Russian tanks and rocket frameworks into eastern Ukraine, delineating the news with the picture taken back in 2009, and in South Ossetia, not Ukraine.

The government official initially called it “Russian intrigues”, however then picked to authorize it to tabloids.

Ealier in November Bereza promised his brigade was prepared to “intrude” into Russia, to“break into it with reconnaissance detachments and sabotage groups. The dangers were voice in a live telecast of the ‘Shuster Live’ TV show.

The Dnipro Battalion is situated in Dnipropetrovsk, which is spotted close to the Donetsk district. It was built in April 2014 to battle combat pro-independent fighters and is apparently partially funded via extremely rich person oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi, and is along these lines nicknamed Kolomoyskyi’s battallion.

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