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Russian military reveals details of ISIS-Turkey oil smuggling


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  1. Paul Ifeanyi Obiji

    It seems Russia has chosen Syria to make a stand. Every time US or its proxies escalate, so does Russia. US has to either backdown or escalate all the way to a major war.
    Force projection – how far is it across Russia from west to east? Russia holds snap exercises moving forces this distance. Much closer to Syria.

    The ground Russia has chosen is right on Israels doorstep. The Israeli leadership is crazy but Israel survival and expansion is what they are about. Do they want lots of stray bullets and possibly nukes from the coming dustup to be flying about in their neighbourhood?

    Perhaps Israel will be putting pressure on the US to backdown?

    • Izuchi Joseph

      yes…they will step on toes of they past favor neo-cons. Military persons 9israelis) will do that ,but that’s omly mine filing…

    • Owolabi Bodunde

      Russia Israel relation with respect to Syria appear to be surprisingly good. I haven’t heard of many anti-Russian statements or propaganda coming from Israel recently.

    • Balogun Adesina

      Owolabi Bodunde Israel hates what Russia is doing in Syria, but, it will not confront Russia directly.
      Because Israel, is really a bully, and like all buĺlies, they are wary of picking a fight with those who can fight back.
      Whatever disagreenents with Russia – for the most part- will be out-sourced to surrogates like the US and the UK etc.

      Harbor no illusions, Russia’s biggest opponent in Syria right now is Israel.
      But it gets the US and others to confront Russia on its behalf. Stealth and deception, with behind the scenes pressure applied by big money lobby groups are the hallmarks of Israeli statecraft.

      It is not the US and its allies that are insisting that ” Assad must go”, it is Israel.You might not want to believe this, but thats how it is….

    • Gbolahan Sotomi

      “Perhaps Israel will be putting pressure on the US to backdown” ?

      Don’t be fooled by Israel. They are as much behind the regime change “project” in Syria as Erdogan is. It is well documented even by the UN itself the intimate relations Israel has with the head choppers operating in Syria. They provide assistance wherever they can to the rabid jihadists even to the point of conducting bombing raids on the Syrian Arab Army whenever the islamofascists are under pressure from them, they treat the wounded rats in their hospitals in Israel and Im pretty sure provide them with weapons and other logistics support too.
      You have never for once heard of al-Qaeda or ISIS taking any action whatsoever against Israel or even threatening them in any shape or form.
      Israel is in this up to its eyeballs alongside the usual suspects, they just keep it ultra low profile is all.

    • Adekunle Opeyemi

      They pretty much have to. Any supposed muslim-fanatic organization that was obviously backed by Israel would have maybe a tiny bit of difficulty attracting recruits.
      That said, I’m not sure Israel wants to see a winner in this. They love ISIS causing trouble and making Syria grind to a halt. They might not be quite so happy with ISIS as the new Syrian government. If chaos is, to a fair extent, the US brand, it’s even more Israel’s brand; the more chaos, the weaker everyone around them is. But if someone goes and wins, that’s a problem for them; stability might break out, and the winner would no longer need them and probably wouldn’t like them.

  2. Segun Akerele

    The Russians and Americans have been fully aware of this for years yet the Russians said nothing until Turkey shot down their plane. Why did they wait so long?

    The US was complicit because they knew their ally Turkey was engaged in funding ISIS through the sale of stolen Syrian oil. The Russian’s were complicit because they knew all about it from day one and said nothing until now.

    • Tony Balogun

      Because as long as Turkey was behaving as a friend (somewhat),it was better to not spill the beans. Russia also thought it would be useful information to hold if Turkey stopped being a friend.

    • Aminu Hamisu Yusuf

      Russia would have been working diplomatically behind the scenes to get Erdogan to back away from ISIS with no loss of face. Much better if something like that can be done diplomatically rather than militarily.
      Erdo wouldn’t play so Russia bombed his oil convoys. Next Erdo shoots down a Russian plane. now Russia has sanctions on Turkey which was a major trading partner.
      Would have been much better if Turkey had of used the diplomatic door that Russia/Putin opened for them.

    • Yakub Muraina

      He revealed it to the participants of the G20 (Nov 16th?). It was the big reveal that unfortunately did not make the Western News outlets.

      Right after the reveal US started bombing the oil tanks/trucks and Russia started bombing them, then came Turkey and the downing of the Russian plane.

    • Ajah Fredrick Reuben

      Yakub Muraina Yes finally, US bragged that they shot 100 oil trucks but they also dropped leaflets telling rebels to flee giving them 45mins to escape.


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