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Russian Navy’s Top five Military Innovations: Armata Learns to Swim?

Together with the Russian Navy, one of the nation’s top scientific foundations has built up a progression of forefront new military equipment and innovation.

Russia has dependably been a world pioneer when it came to growing new military equipment and advances. Sputnik uncovers the main 5 projects of Russia’s entral central scientific research institute “Kurs.”


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1 of 5 Russian Navy’s Military Innovations: As Armata learns how to swim (Ice-cutting Laser)

1. Ice-cutting Laser As Russia sets its eye on developing the Arctic and making it a key region in the near future, the institute has developed an original method of breaking the Arctic ice — an ice-slashing laser. The powerful laser will cut through the thick Arctic ice like a hot knife through butter by cutting off the top layers. After that Russian icebreakers can easily go through the rest of the ice.