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2019 Presidential Election: Top 5 reasons I won’t be voting for anyone

1) There is no Candidate to vote for
Many if not all of them are semi, permanent and temporary stooge to the anglozionist empire or rather to the failed Capitalist system that died in 2008. I am not even sure if we have any Socialist party in the making. SDP that could have been the perfect party for the post is another Branch of PDP.

2) The main 2 Political parties (PDP and APC)
I won’t vote for Buhari because he has not completed Ajaokuta that will benefit the people more and did not continue from where Yaradua stopped with the rosatom deal. (Make no mistake, you need such huge power generation to power the industry otherwise, it’s another vicious circle of failure). Buhari partially sold us out to Genetically modified organism(GMO), a western ideology that is not traditional way of growing plant. Many in Nigeria dont even know what is GMO.

3) Atiku PDP
I wont be voting for PDP because Atiku is a permanent puppet to the anglozionist empire and the most corrupt candidate and his cronies to ever contest for the post. He has even said he will sell out Nigeria’s NNPC. Who in Nigeria can buy NNPC ? This is the case of a puppet that is even allowed to contest in Elections, it shows PDP can never get it right but they always get one thing right, being a perfect stooge to foreign powers. They have no interest of common man meanwhile APC is far better than PDP. APC can be referred to as the progressives while PDP, conservatives.

4) Sowore party

Another puppet of the west in making to continue the vicious circle of failure.

5) The rest parties
Many of them don’t get how it works. You can’t wake up one day and decided to become the president of Nigeria. You have to start from the grassroots, it’s this reason many of those in other parties can be referred to as a waste of time. PDP and APC will continue be the two main political parties for three decades unless there is a revolution. (Not color revolution).

Extra: The only Candidate that is worthy of my vote is not contesting for Presidency. Her name is Natasha Akpoti, SDP Senatorial Candidate. This is the woman that has been fighting for the revival of Ajaokuta Steel industry. The only Woman with ‘balls’ to call a spade a spade.

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