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Sowore: Fixing Power within 1 Year using Renewable – Another Vicious Circle of Failure in the Making! Reports..

Sowore claimed he could Solve Nigeria’s Electricity Problem ‘In Less Than A Year and guess how he prospossed doing that ?
Sowore said:

“If we come in today, we are looking at investing in solar farms that will generate 4,500MW of power. It’ll be 90KW per university, and we’re going to do solar farms across the country for 500MW each. It’ll take less than a year.

“It took Egypt less than two and a half years to generate 14,000MW at N500,000 per megawatt of power. It’s the cheapest in the world. Here we can even do it cheaper because we have plenty of cheap labour; I’m not saying we’re going to abuse labour.

Can someone please tell Sowore that this is like day dreaming in a wonderland and reason many think Sowore is another anglozionist empire’s puppet to continue the vicious circle of failure.

Why ?

Egypt by population is 100,378,687 and Nigeria is about twice of that of Egypt. Many people together with Sowore (The Local Activist) are not saying the real issue or why Nigeria cannot continue the Rosatom deal Yaradua Signed with the President of Russia during his time. It’s yet to be confirmed what really killed the President but all fingers are pointing to the events that took place before and after Yaradua was killed in Saudi Arabia for crossing the “redliness“. ( That is Ajaokuta and signing a deal with Russian Rosatom Power plants to boost Nigeria’s power generation).

As a Child must crawl before he or she works. This is the same way it’s done in a civilized world like Germany that is now turning off its Nuclear power plants and using more renewable power supply. Germany has passed through the dark ages and has made a lot of money via industrialization, anyone will only be playing big politics or a puppetry one to the Anglozionist empire if the Rosatom deal and any of such equivalent is not mentioned as campaign mantra and the full revival of Ajaokuta Steel industry.
Timeline of Activities, 60 yrs Sabotage on Ajaokuta Steel Company (Sabotaging Nigeria’s Future)

Pakistan is a very good example of a country that has almost the same number of population as compared to that of Nigeria. Pakistan has built 2 local reactors to help its masses generate power supply. Other source of power generation is not bad but as Nigeria is developing, it would be a trial and error for a long time if the people do no grow up and leave the empire for good. The last time I checked the axis of evil went to U.S.A just to show off to the lesser evil axis that a puppet can enter U.S.A and not be arrested.

This is simple as ABC. The empire has dropped its card and it’s glaring that their best Puppet at this time to continue the vicious circle of failure whole heartedly is Atiku, how can anyone expect the same anglozionist empire to arrest its puppetry interest ?

The same thing happened when GEJ sent out the anglozionist empire’s boots on the ground out of Nigeria, destroying the main goal of its Boko haram pretext to install a base in Nigeria or west Africa(Something Ghana already sold out its territorial integrity to the empire but with the exception of Nigeria, this explains why Obama went to Ghana but never to Nigeria). That moment the same anglozionist empire dropped its card via its Body language and it was Buhari. It then became obvious that Buhari would win the Election and it’s also 110% sure he will win again despite their Atiku card.

The bad news for the empire is Buhari will win again because there is just no Alternative as at this point of typing this report. Lets be realistic here. Nigerian politics is not over the internet. The two main Political parties have long created a structure. One has ruled for 15 years and it was complete failure upon failure. The Second one APC has only ruled for 4 years and a little certainty is being restored very slow but steady.

If we are to choose between the two axis of evil, APC vs PDP which is honestly the reality in Nigeria. No amount of song released by Falz can change this reality in decades to come except with a revolution and that must not be a ‘colour revolution’ or the ones sponsored by the Anglozionist empire. They have tried several times and each time they have failed.

To cut the long story short, anyone that is not talking about how to industrialized Nigeria and create a reliable source of power generation to power the industry will only be playing a puppetry politics but not the real politics of the People’s interest. Fixing Power within 1 Year using Renewable is nothing but another vicious circle of failure in the making even as it’s the President has also sold out the Ajaokuta steel industry after he won an Economic war. Anyone could have thought he would fight back the empire by reviving ajaokuta but he has been playing puppetry politics.

My guess really is, Buhari also kinda sold Nigeria to save his life. Those that poisoned him via his AirConditional are surely working for the empire or are agents of the Anglozonsit empire. Now the question is, what did Buhari sign not to touch before they agreed to restore his life in London. Reports from a very reliable source claimed only five people survived that gas poison in the world after operation and Buhari is the 5th of them. My question is, did he sell out Nigeria’s future partially before they could restore his life again ?

He crossed the redline the moment he went to China for a currency swap. That is already a redline, a huge political heavy weight. Will he restore Ajaokuta and continue rosoatom deal or has he signed to continue sabotaging this massive industries ? We are yet to find out.

Only President Yara’dua had the dirrect interest of Nigerians at heart and he died during the fight. The fight must continue!

Balogun Adesina

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