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What do we really know about the Orisa of the Yoruba Land?

Yorùbá Traditheological Class For Those Who Are Interested Both Beginners, Intermediates And Advanced Learning. And how many of you who don’t participate to a temple in Nigeria, or a Terreiro in Brazil, always wished to worship the Orisa in their ...

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Fidel Castro 2

Yoruba Gods protect Cuba’s Fidel Castro

Havana, Mon Jan 21, 2008 (Reuters) Yoruba gods protect ailing Fidel Castro from witchcraft and want to see him continue leading Cuba, the first priest of the Santeria religion to be elected to parliament said on Monday. “Olodumare says he ...

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Check out Top 70 Yoruba Orisa..

Aboru aboye for all Lets make a challenge? Lets find 400 Yoruba Orisa? 70 until now – have more? 1- E.S.U 2- Obatala 3- Orunmila 4- Osalufon 5- Osagyan 6- Osun 7- Yemoja 8- Aje 9- Olokun 10- Oba 11- ...

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There are 401 Orisa !

200 on the right and 200 on the left of Olodumare. The 401st being the Ooni of Ile Ife. Has there been a listing of all the Orisa? If not I am wondering if we could try here? Could someone ...

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