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They were celebrating Egungun festivals and this happened In Iseyin.

“They were celebrating Egungun festivals joy and happiness. The fanatics among the Muslims attacked them that they are agent of “devil” so they won’t allow them celebrate their festival in peace. They destroyed everything. Egungun returned to Igbale. They started ...

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Meet Egun Eleriko

Meet Egun Eleriko (Eleeko)

Eleeko is one of Egbe that confers multiple personalities. Eleeko is very mischievous, crafty and intelligent. Eleeko is very committed to protecting his subjects and providing for them…. Akiiika Aseege!!! Eleeko boo ban n looko ole Dakun mo ya ile ...

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Egungun festival 2016

See Wow Photos/ Videos From The Egungun Festival 2016..must See

Over 50 Egungun came out to give Iwure for the Alaafin of Oyo and bellow are more lovely photos  from the Egungun festival 2016. See More Photos/videos After The Page Break

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A bit about the concept of Egungun festivals

Ará Ọ̀run kìn-ìn-kin-in: “There are no people without traditions and traditions are the lifeblood of a people. A people who refuse to express its love and appreciation for its ancestors will die because in traditions, if you are not expressing ...

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Egungun festival !

As usual,on the 16th of this month is our Egungun festival for those who wish to participate or feeding Egungun for recieving prayer during our festival,EGUNGUN will bless us all…..call or message me for more details. Babaawo Ifaseyi Alabi

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Beautiful Photos from the 2nd Egungun Festival in Argentina 2015.

Colourful photos from the 2nd  Egungun Festival in Argentina 2015. See more photos bellow.

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