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What is wrong with this Photo ?

If you are a lady and you man cannot carry you up the wat it is done in this picture, then you are missing big time. Something is wrong with the pic. What is it ?

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love story

“It started with a “HEY” on Facebook, now we are engaged,” – My love story

Lady shares her lovely love story

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Clarion Chukwurah weds

Shina Peters’ former Wife, Clarion Chukwurah weds New Love In USA (See Photos)

She is the mum of productive music video executive, Clearance Peters – who she bear for Sir Shina Peters, when they were still together, things fell apart, she has moved unto better and greater things, peep into her wedding photographs ...

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Guys: I love you after doing it ! (True or False)

Guys, when the kunjabi is pretty ok, it turns your mode to fountain of purity (releasing akamu fountain) and then you accidentally (it’s reflex action lol) say I love you. True or false ?

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Lizzy Oke

Physically challenged blogger and photographer, Lizzy Oke gets engaged

Lizzy Oke got engaged during the weekend and she took to her Instagram page to share the news. The Texas-based multi gifted woman has been in a wheelchair since 2008 after a car accident. Congrats !

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20 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Relationship/Marriage

There are a huge number of approach to fortify your marriage. In no specific request, here are 20… 1. Have more s*x, however confirm you’re just having it with one another! 2. Try not to keep secret from one another. ...

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Top 6 Things A Woman Should NEVER Do For The Man She Loves

There are many things women will do for the men they love. Some go so far as to sacrifice their happiness. However, just because something might be done in the name of love does not make it the right thing ...

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Top 9 Excuses Naija Guys Use To Justify Their Inability To Speak to A Lady

Every gentleman realizes that its not a simple deed to effectively approach and woo a woman. Indeed, even the most certain of gentlemen normally need to “accumulate confidence” before doing the needful. This could come from the fact that you ...

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5 Major Killers That Threaten Your Relationship Every Day

The 5 Entanglements: 1. s*x. Let’s be realistic here. s*x is one of the essential reasons men readily get into a conferred relationship. They think it will be on demand and wild. Regularly it is for the first couple of ...

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Had I known all my labour on her would be in futility…

Had I known all my labour on her future in vanity, I wouldn’t have spent my money on her. I anticipated a brilliant future with her however my fantasies have been broken by the one I gave true love. I’m ...

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