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Skripal hoax

‘Things Fall Apart’: UK Media Is Silent On Skripal Case As “the Russians Did It” fall Apart

The UK and its allies continue to push “The Russians did it” version in the Skripal poisoning story. On March 4, former Russian military intelligence officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia suffered the effects of an alleged nerve agent ...

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The best media money can buy!

Yesterday the Russian held an extraordinary briefing and press conference at the OPCW, which featured the boy which supposedly was gassed in Douma, his father and other witnesses: Here is the Russian language video of this 2 hour long press ...

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Alas, this is far from over!

Let’s begin by a short summary of events. About a month ago Nikki Haley announces to the UNSC that the USA is ready to violate the rules of this very self-same UNSC should a chemical attack happen in Syria Then ...

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The new US concept of a “perfect” mission: 32 out of 103

Yup, he said “mission accomplished“, “perfectly executed” and that he was “so proud” of his “great military“. That considering that 71 out of 103 missiles were intercepted. That there were no Syrian (or Iranian or Russian) fatalities. That not a single airfield ...

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Russian Military Provides List Of Targets, Details Of ‘repelled’ Us-led Strike

The Russian Defense Ministry says that the Syrian Air Defense Forces shot down 71 of 103 missiles launched by the US, the UK and France last night. According to the Russian Defense Minisry, the US and its allies fired cruise missiles, ...

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Syrian civil war

Another stupid f**king war or what could possibly go wrong?

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RUssian envoy

Russia’s UN Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya Comments on Salisbury Case in the UNSC

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Alexander Litvinenko

‘CIA killed my son’ – Father of Alexander Litvinenko Speaks about his Late Son


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Top 10 Russia’s questions to France regarding the Skripal case fabricated against Russia by U.K

Russia’s questions to France regarding the Skripal case fabricated against Russia by the United Kingdom On March 31, the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Paris delivered to the French Foreign Ministry a note with a list of questions to ...

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14 simple yet crucial questions London needs to answer

1. Why has Russia been denied the right of consular access to the two Russian citizens, who came to harm on British territory? 2. What specific antidotes and in what form were the victims injected with? How did such antidotes ...

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