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Roger Waters-Julian Assange Arrest Proves UK is a SATELLITE STATE OF US EMPIRE

Roger Waters-Julian Assange Arrest Proves UK is a SATELLITE STATE OF US EMPIRE!

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bbc lies

How the Father of propaganda, BBC Spreads Lies: How to read propaganda

by Eric Zuesse Propaganda frequently masquerades as ‘news’. A ‘news’ narrative’s relevant background needs to be understood, in order for the reader or hearer to be able to understand anything of the truth, from the propaganda, rather than be fooled by ...

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An Israeli diplomat calls the British Foreign Minister an “idiot”

Al-Jazeera released the first of four videos with the footage from an undercover Al-Jazeera reporter that shows Israeli diplomat Shai Masot talking to Maria Strizzolo, former aide to British education minister, about ‘taking down’ parliamentarians considered anti-Israel in their views. ...

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Israeli diplomat caught on camera discussing ‘taking down’ UK MPs (Video)

A few words on Israeli “diplomats” methods I don’t think that Aljazeera would release this footage without the UK foreign department approval.  Maybe someone inside the UK security services just took a page from the FSB book to make a ...

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Brexit, Russia & Proxy Wars Sheikh Imran Hosein Interview

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Photos: Airshow in UK kills 7 people, 15 others injured as plane crashed onto cars

As per South East Ambulance Service, seven people were today Saturday, August 22, killed when an old military plane slammed on a busy street in southern England while participating in an airshow. 14 others are being treated for minor wounds. ...

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Paid Trolls? How UK Govt Using Operational Psychology to Manipulate You Online -WikiLeaks

Quite recently a top secret record uncovered the part brain research had in the broad secret routines utilized by the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters. However, the legacy of such psychological behavioral surveillance strategies stays unchallenged. Exposed by WikiLeaks and published ...

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Pics: Michelle Obama pictured with pupils @London girl’s school

US First Lady Michelle Obama was an exceptional visitor at an east London school – Mulberry School for Girls – today as she visits Britain to issue a pleas for more help for the world’s poorest young ladies to get ...

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Pics: Kate Middleton pictured playing with her son, Prince George

23-months old Prince and his mum Kate Middleton were spotted having a great time yesterday amid a family trip to the Festival of Polo at the Beaufort Polo Club in Gloucestershire. His dad Prince William, uncle Prince Harry and granddad ...

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UK Prime Minister & Obama to help Pres. Buhari Tackle B’haram & Corruption!!

English PM has affirmed that he had a private session with President Buhari and has declared the willingness of Britain military to help Nigeria battle terrorism and corruption. Hmnmn !

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