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Drums festival 2018

Photos: Drums festival was a success for the Nation and Africa as a whole – Amosun

The Governor of Ogun State, Ibikunle Amosun has stated that the just concluded Africa Drums Festival hosted by the state, generated lots of income for the individuals of their state and the government.  While speaking to convey house correspondents, he ...

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Legend Prof. Akínwùmí Ìsọ̀lá And The Rest of Us.

A TRIBUTE to the erudite Yoruba Scholar and Cultural icon who sadly left us on 17th February, 2018. Ká tó r’erin o di’igbó – k’á ró r’ẹfọ̀n ó d’ọdàn – Ka tó r’ẹ́ni bi AKINWÙMÍ ORÒJÍDÉ ÌṢỌ̀LÁ ó dàrìnàkò, ó ...

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fake oba

Desecration Of Yoruba Heritage Value: Who’s not guilty AMONGST our revered Monarchs & Kingmakers!?

This piece shall hinge its fact on Yoruba adage that stated that…many are thieves but the one caught remains robber! When you watched sincerely on every Sunday Services in most Churches; what you will obviously noticed to your surprised admiration ...

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Prof Sophie Olúwọlé

Do Yoruba Serve One God Or More? Prof Sophie Olúwọlé

Do Yoruba Serve One God Or More? Prof Sophie Olúwọlé throws more light on the Pantheon

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Nigerian Anthem In Yoruba Language

Excellent go on to support Yoruba Language in education. Ambode for President 2019!! And if you do not learn how to sing the Nigerian National anthem in Yoruba listed here are the language below! Every Yoruba child in Nigeria should learn ...

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Yoruba colours

Top 3 Yorùbá Colours – (Yoruba Colour naming Challenge)

A thorough discussion on the Yorùbá color scheme requires a very detailed study of notjust chromatics, but also philosophy, religion and culture as well. It is well beyond theintention of this module to fully explain the basis of the traditional ...

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Speak Yoruba to your wards, Lagos educationists advise

Stakeholders in the education sector recently lent their voices to Lagos state government’s recent move to perpetuate the Yoruba language. Ambrose Nnaji reports. Yoruba parents have been advised to speak the indigenous Yoruba language to their children more, to enable ...

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God of the Yorubas irunmoles

Top 5 Ways Irunmole Relate Effectively With Omo Eniyan (Must Read)

The relationship between Irunmole and Omo eniyan was symbiotic in nature and rewarding especially for Omo eniyan.  There are five major ways by which Irunmole relate effectively with Omo eniyan right from the emergence of man on earth. The ways ...

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Igba Didi In Egbe

Igba Didi In Egbe: A cure to anti-social behavior

Igba didi is a special ritual in Egbe, which is used to cure anti-social behavior, People with the experience of having sex in the dreams and in reality Semen appear all over their body are said to be the victims ...

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Orúkọ Àpọ́nlé àwọn Obìnrin (Yoruba descriptive female names)

Orúkọ Àpọ́nlé àwọn Obìnrin (Yoruba descriptive female names)

Aya = Wife Ìyá Afin = Queen Ayaba = Queen Yèyé Ọba = Queen mother Olorì = King’s wife Omidan =Beautiful woman Ọmọge = Young fashionable woman Ìyàwó = Wife Erelú = Female Chief Ìyálọjà = Market Leader Ìyá Àdínnì ...

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