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‘FSARS, SARS activities have reached terrorist levels’ – Nigerians call to #EndSARS!

‘It now crystal clear that when you have imported democracy where there is no respect for the human lives or humanity, this is what happens’ – Twitter Activit. ‘SARS ‘activities against Nigerians have reached terrorist levels’, all time high says a social media activist.

See more reactions and current situation of some Kidnapped Nigerians in SARS  den bellow.
The video bellow is a case of 11 year old boy allegedly shot dead by SARS troopers in Ojota,Lagos.

Why do you have to torture someone to confessing what he or she did not do or do? If Police has a solid evidence against anyone, it’s norm for tha Police to charge the alleged culprite to cult. This happens only in some civilized democracy.

Here is another story- SARS are deadlier than Boko haram

Do you think it’s right to endSars ? Let us know in the comment box bellow.

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