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Kumbuk Hotel sri Lanka

Check out Some Funny Hotels in The World We Live

1. TreeHotel, Sweden
TreeHotel Sweden

Genuinely a standout amongst the most one of a kind inns you would have encountered in your life, the TreeHotel is an asylum for travelers. For nature lover and carefree travelers, it is regularly an agony to stay at the Luxury hotels, far from the excellence of the city. Envision living in the forested areas in one of the finest hotels, and that too without ruining the nature! There is no better approach to escape from the burdens of life and unwind in an astonishing situation. Propelled straightforwardly from the film, ‘The Tree Lover’, the idea driving the lodging spins around elevating environmental values. There are various alternatives within the accommodation to suite your inclinations; The Cabin, Bird’s Nest, The UFO and the Blue Cone are some of these. There are unlimited activities close to the luxury hotel lasting through the year, for example, fishing, water sports, a stroll in the town, snowmobile safari and skiing.

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