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Ereko - Lagos

Very Old pictures from Lagos Island showing ‘Ereko’

The original name of Lagos Island. The name Ereko over time became Eko just like many other farming villages in Yorubaland with the same Eko name, i.e Eko Ende in Osun state. Lagos Island was called Ereko (farming town) by ...

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Oòduà Yorùbá

Do you know the Oòduà (Yorùbá) heritage of the Oworos in Lokoja?

How many Oòduà (Yorùbá) youth under the age of 25, know about Oòduà (Yorùbá) heritage of the Oworos in Lokoja, Ogori in Kogi, or the Olukumis of Delta? How many Southwest youths know about the Oòduà (Yorùbá)s of Togo the ...

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seun tani oluwa

Listen to the wisdom of seun Kuti. The guy is intelligent. free TaniOlohun now

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tani olohun

Tani Olohun Six million Naira bail condition!!!

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History 101: What it takes to be a MENTALLY ENSLAVED FOOL in Your ancestral Land.

History 101: What it takes to be a MENTALLY ENSLAVED Harlequin in Your ancestral Land.

The quote for today is a page from Toyin Falola’s book, ‘Yoruba Warlords of the 19th Century’. To a lot of Yoruba Muslims. Islam means servitude to Usman Dan Fodio’s estate at Sokoto. They indulge in the same idiocy that ...

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Lukman Gbadegesin

This is Lukman Gbadegesin Chosen by Oyomesi, A British-fulani Colony in the heartland of Yoruba.

The prince was chosen by Oyomesi. Governor Makinde rejected him. He said the process was flawed and manipulated to favor him. He insisted on a new process free and fair. Before we talk about him, let’s talk about his grandfather ...

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Agbe gi lo do tabi Bole kaja !!!

Resilience, Creativity, hard work, and the common destiny, unity of purpose of the Oodua (Yoruba) people. Oodua (Yoruba) ancestors were using this in the 1900s to Lagos, Our mothers used using to transport their food crops from every hinter Oodua ...

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Who throws away identity?

There is a large group of young adults in Nigeria that have been ethnicized, suffering from an Identity crisis rooted in Colonisation that has left them with Stockholm syndrome and psychoneurosis. Psychonegrosis is a mental disorder affecting the spirit, personality, ...

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Understanding Ẹdan Ògbóni

Ògbóni; ÒgbórànErelú; ÀbíyèEríwo yà!; À yà gbó, À yà tó! The old ones; Increase with age. Titled female elders; May children be born to liveThe Lord of secrets, descend!; For longevity and prosperity! Ẹdan Ògbóni is a pair of male ...

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asa oodua

Òtítọ́ wọn kò sí láyé mọ́

Aṣẹ̀yìn deni wọn kò wọpọ̀ Àbàtà ńlá abojú dẹ̀gun dẹ̀gun Ká ṣojú ẹni Ká ṣẹ̀yìn ẹni Àwọn mẹ́rẹ̀ẹ̀rin ní ọmọ ìkọ́fá ilé Àgbọnnìrègún Baba kọ́won ní dídá ọwọ́ Wọ́n mọ̀ ọ́n dá Ifá kọ́won ní títẹ̀ ilẹ̀ Wọ́n mò ọ́n ...

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