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Ogun Festival In Ondo

Ogun Festival In Ondo: Memoirs Of A Colourful Past

The drums, in various forms, will be echoing their sounds through the air again. Endless troops of singers and dancers are following the procession through the designated ancient routes. Masquerades of all shades are putting up thrilling performances. Men, women, ...

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eating Meet last

Eating Meat Last: Why Do Most Nigerians Do This?

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been used to eating the meat last, that is, after eating the rice, or swallow or whatever is served. I noticed that my father, mother, brothers all follow this rule. I have ...

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eja Akan fish crab

Crab or fish: Have you ever been asked that question before?

Crab or fish????Ẹja ń m b’akan?In Ede Oodua (Yoruba Language) Codes, Ẹja tunmọ sì different kind of reality tí ó ní ewu nínú pupọ.Ori ni ẹja fín là ibú means victory at the end of turmoil, tribulations, or calamities. Fish ...

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Eye illusion test: Do you see an old woman or a young girl?

Look at the picture above closely, do you see an old woman or a young girl?

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Photos and Video from wedding dinner of President Buhari’s son, Yusuf

The wedding dinner of President Buhari’s son, Yusuf, and his wife. Photos and video from the ceremony have been shared online.  See more below..

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ifa oodua

Aku ójúmó Toni 🌴

Asiku ose ifa osun egbe Ori Toni 🌴Ifa ni ibo legbe ibo lawure adifa fun orunmila baba yio so akapo re di oba ebo lawo nikose inje enitoba fe laje komo setutu ibo legbe ibo lawure.enitoba fe laya komo setutu ...

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Photos from Ifa festival 2021

Ifa festival 2021 commenced with libation/supplication to Ifa, Esu, Ogun, Òsùn( Ifa staff), Egbe/Alaragbo, Òsun, Egungun, Aje( Deity of money), Obatala, Sango, Oya etc with Ojubona of Lagos Mainland, Oloye Faniyi Oyeboade and Babalawos, August 7, 2021. Party, Sunday 8/8

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OriOri is one of the most important Orisa assigned to manlm on earth. Wherever we may be going, our Ori is always following is. Whatever we are doing, our Ori is always there but the most important thing is if ...

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Adebisi Adenike Adebayo

The artist using the indigenous Oduduwa-African style of sculpture.

Adebisi Adenike Adebayo is an artist using the indigenous Oduduwa (Yoruba)-African style of sculpture.This style is associated with men only within the indigenous African tradition.Ms. Adebayo, surprisingly, is a woman.How did this happen?Who is she?Who trained her?What are the processes ...

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The 21st Olu Of Warri Coronation

Join us on the 21st of August as we celebrate the coronation of the 21st Olu of Warri kingdom.

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