Ìká Méjì ika meji

Ìká Méjì.

Ifa foresees a lot of Ire for the person this Odu is revealed to. He/she needs to offer Ebo so that Ase can be in his/her mouth.
Ifa said if this Odu was revealed to a woman that is unable to conceive, the Babalawo will need to do Isé Ifá for her very well and the woman needs to stop eating groundnut so as for her to be able to conceive.
And Ifa also made it clear that this person should always be watchful of the kind of visitor that he/she will be harboring so as not to lose your territory to someone that just came with the intention of spending just a little time with you.
Importantly, Ifá said that to whom this Odu is revealed to need to always feed Òsányìn very well for good health and long life. If this Odu was Cast for a pregnant woman, she needs to know that the child she’s carrying is a boy and he will grow to be a Medical Doctor or Traditional Doctor. In other words, he will be a healer.
The Ifa goes thus :
Opélopé Èjìká tí ò j’ewù ó bó
Opélopé baba Ire tó bí’ní l’ómo
Nló D’ífá fún Oníkamògún
Afi Òsányìn se’win bo
Ìgbà tíń sunkún òhun ò n’íre
Ebo Wón ní kó wá se
Ógbébo níbè ó rúbo
Èyin ò gbón o
Èyin ò mò
Òsányìn l’àwá ńbo là n’ílé wa.
If not for the shoulder that doesn’t allow our clothes to fall off
All thanks to a good father who give birth to us
Theh Casted Ifá for Oníkamògún
He who feeds Òsányìn all the time
He was crying for not having Ire
He was advised to offer Ebo
And he complied
You all are not wise
You all do not know
It’s Òsányìn that we feed on our house before we become wealthy.

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