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Why does Igbo elders lie so much – NoNonsense on X tackles Igbo Leader’s rant

Do they want war with the Yorubas? Yoruba Yoruba Yoruba how did we get here? How did we allow people who we thought were friends to get this close to us and still betray us? Igbo leaders keep coming on TV and lying to their fellow Igbos about Yorubas over and over again .. where are Yoruba elders? Why are they staying silent? “

Because they want to be liberals? Or they are still trying to do Mr nice Guy? Igbos have lied so much about the Yorubas. They blame the Yorubas for the £20 given to them. The southwest was heavily taxed so the Igbos could be paid but yet is the southwest the Igbos are blaming for the help This man is talking about the Aburi Accord it is the southwest that stopped Gowon but in reality, the northerners stopped it .. why are the Igbos changing narratives from the north to the west.

Do they want war with us? Yorubas went to prison because of the Igbos, A Yoruba fought side by side with Biafra. The Biafra was a war between the Northerners and the Igbos why are Yorubas the ones Igbos are trying to pin it on because they don’t talk or look for trouble? After the war Yoruba land was the only land that welcomed the Igbos in thousands, Yoruba land made so many Igbo millionaires, and yet it’s not enough.

Till today the region that has welcomed the Igbos the most and made them rich the most is Yoruba land and yet is not enough? What else do you Igbos want? When you push people to the wall .. Dont complain when they turn back on you … Enough is Enough !!

This is the BIGGEST MISTAKE Yorubas has ever made On this day, is the day the “ Yorubas “ made the biggest mistake of their lives… After the Biafra war, the Yorubas asked the Igbos to come back to Yoruba land and live peacefully cause they saw them as their brothers. But their Rivers state neighbours chased them away saying they didn’t want the Igbos on their land anymore.

Yorubas welcome the Igbos with open arms making a lot of them rich Today the Igbos are the ones antagonising the Yorubas, Lying about them and trying to blame them for their misfortunes This is why all that Yoruba liberal mindset gotta stop. Is not worth it anymore. You cant keep loving people who hate you and they have shown that over and over.

The Yorubas accepted Igbo back.

Rivers rejected the Igbos after the Civil war


Ọmọ Akin @GuyMr0
Igbo elders will come on TV and ignite ethnic tension, no one will caution them; but if a Yorùbá elder coughs on TV, everyone will suddenly gain their voices — including the Yorùbá-Buts. Ẹgbọn @ifesalakooffice, when are you making a video to address this issue?

I dont understand . Several times igbo elders have come on tv to say so much lies and instigate tribal tension towards the yorubas and nigerians will keep Quiet but when a yoruba elder do the same nigerians will suddenly be in their feelings and be attacking the person.

In Yoruba We Trust
The Ibos have always being at war with the Yorubas. We just refused to acknowledge it. We still haven’t. The war has previously being subtle, but it is now out in the open. The next phase will be with guns & tanks. I dare say they are better prepared, while we still speak oyinbo.

I just dont know why they keep poking and pushing the yorubas .. is like they want to keep taking and taking so as long as they lie to get it they will keep lying to take it.
Its getting too much

Donatus Olisaemeka Nwagbo
Make your research
There were reason History was removed from our curriculum.
In cases like this you Factcheck him and cancel his words, saying he is lying put your weak knowledge of history at show.

Theres nothing to fact check in “ LIES AND FABRICATED STORIES “ every children of history knows this and knows what happened ..

If the war had happened during democracy era i could have been like ok just maybe theres a truth there but it happened during the military Era .. Yoruba has little say during this era .. igbos and Hausa had more say because you two were the ones calling the shots

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