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Photos from Olojo Festival in Ile Ife 2022

Ọdún Ọlọjọ tí ọdún 2022 ni Ilu Ile-Ifẹ. A ṣe Ọlọjọ a ké gbajure ooo!!! A Dedication To The Worship Of Ogun-the Yoruba God Of Iron In Remembrance Of The Descent Of Oduduwa, The Progenitor Of Yoruba Race Historically woven around Ogun the Oduduwa(Yoruba) Orisa of iron widely believed to be the leader and the most important of the 201 ‘Orisa’ (elders) that accompanied Oduduwa the progenitor of the Yoruba race during his descent from the heavens, the annual Olojo Festival is the biggest and most important celebrations on the Ife cultural calendar.           ...

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nuclear energy

Peaceful Atom May Be Generated in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya by 2023: IAEA

Lagos (Ooduarere) – A peaceful atom may be produced in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya already in the coming years, while the majority of African countries will use nuclear energy by 2030, Mikhail Chudakov, the deputy director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), revealed. “They have set deadlines — nuclear energy may be generated in many [African] countries by 2030,” Chudakov said, adding that the production of a peaceful atom might start especially quickly, already in the coming years, ...

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This A Reminder Of The Odu For The Year – Refresh Your Memory

I bullet-pointed it to make it an easy read. For all the info go back to the original post and you can watch the new years’ service saved on this page as well. I pray you are all well. Ifa Of The Year 2022/2023 From Oke-itase, Ile-ife, State Of Osun, Nigeria. Odi-ofun.The Odu Ifa that came out for this year is ODI-OFUN (ODI on the right, OFUN on the left). The Odu came with Ibi Iku (Death) and to prevent ...

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Ogbè kànràn

Odù, “Ogbè kànràn” cast for today’s Ọ̀sẹ̀ Ifá

Looking at the Odù, “Ogbè kànràn” cast for today’s Ọ̀sẹ̀ Ifá, I can advise that Ifá shouldn’t be just decorations but served diligently having sacrificed a lot including huge money to acquire it. You should count yourself lucky that you possess an inestimable treasure. Your dedication to Ifa shall never be in vain. Just listen to the stanza as said. Omi igbó ní ń fojú jọ aróOmi ẹlùjù ọ̀dàn ní ń fojú jọ àdínÈkùrọ́ ojú ọ̀nà ó fi ara jọ ...

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