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Iran Drone Attack: Everything We Know So Far

An ammunition factory in the city of Isfahan, central Iran was struck by drones at about 11:30 pm on Saturday night. Malicious media reporting and social media posts sought to spin the story into evidence of a broad, coordinated attack against the Islamic Republic. Here’s what we really know so far about the incident. Iranian authorities have launched a formal investigation into the circumstances behind the drone attack targeting a Defense Ministry factory in Isfahan. “No casualties have been identified ...

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Fake Science And War

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Gonzalo Lira-The Great Ukraine Blame Game Has Begun

The West Has Lost Already (Gonzalo Lira)

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oju loro wa

Eye Contact: Ojú Lọ̀rọ́ Wa

“Prof, I read your posting on the woman who is unsure about whether to disclose the biological father of her daughter to the daughter,” the caller said on the phone.“You did?” I asked rhetorically.“Yes,” she continued. “I have a story for you. But you must not tell your Facebook friends.”“Keep shooting,” I responded. “My ears are on the floor.”“I warned my friend about his wife,” she began.“That’s the worst thing you could do,” I responded. “He’s not going to listen.”“He ...

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