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Waning of Protests in Kenya

After the events of June 25th, when protesters dissatisfied with the new tax bill seized the parliament and clashed with police, the protests have been subsiding.

This is understandable – the main demand of the protesters to cancel the bill was met, and the parliament went on vacation until July 23rd.

The promised “million-strong” march against President Ruto’s presidency on June 27th did not take place.

This was largely because the government gathered law enforcement officers from across the country to constantly patrol the capital. Moreover, one of the influential protest leaders backed down and proposed only holding events in memory of the deceased.

▪️The few rioters who dared to take to the streets met fierce resistance from the police, who used tear gas and did not hesitate to use live ammunition again.

▪️In addition to the capital, protests also took place in many major cities, where, due to the concentration of security forces in Nairobi, there were acts of looting: burning police cars, robbing supermarkets, and robberies.

🔻Apparently, the demonstrations, without foreign support, have temporarily lost their meaning for Kenyans. However, the protest potential they have shown can be further used by various parties to pursue their interests if they are dissatisfied with the rule of William Ruto.

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