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idi amin

Idi Amin: Uganda was once a British Imperial economy.

An economy that only served the colonial master. Idi Amin was called Conqueror of the British Empire because in 1972 he kicked out the British. He collected their properties & gave Ugandans. He was loved by Ugandans because he made ...

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Councillor Andrew Edwards

“All white men should have a Black slave“ – UK County councilor Andrew Edwards

A Conservative UK politician has been investigated over racist comments after allegedly saying “All white men need to have a Black slave“.Andrew Edwards, a County councillor and magistrate in Pembrokeshire, Wales, can also be accused of saying Black individuals are ...

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Charles III Green Energy Firm Under Investigation Due to Gas Leak

Charles III Green Energy Firm Under Investigation Due to Gas Leak

Green energy company, JV Energen, which was hailed as a breakthrough in renewable energy production, has been investigated for numerous health and safety breaches after an unauthorised leak of more than 1,000 tonnes of global-heating gases. The incident took place ...

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many africans

You will be Shocked Many Africans don’t know How Nigeria can help Free Africa from Europe & America

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See What Happens when Nigerians Stopped supporting the Ghanaian movie industry

Many Ghanaians have made a great fortune in the movie industry thanks to the love and support Nigerian movie producers showed to Ghana. The Ghanaian movie industry became very popular and successful. However, the Nigerian movie industry remains the biggest ...

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Nigeria to be free from America and Europe as the first self sufficient president Economy in Africa

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See what happened in Ghana as America Vice President Kamala Harris Visit’s. This can’t be in Nigeria

The American Vice President Kamala Harris is currently visiting African countries to establish a better relationship between America and African countries. Her visit to Ghana left many Africans shock as the Ghanaian security was well checked by the Americans at ...

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LGBTQ: Youtube takes down Uganda Solidarity video – Check it out on Rumble

So, they took down our Uganda Solidarity video on YouTube and tagged it as Hate Speech. See? It’s a one-sided narrative promoted by an evil mafia. They’re free to say whatever they want and do whatever they please, but we ...

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radio active

Thousands of pounds of uranium go missing in African nation: UN nuclear watchdog

Source The International Atomic Energy Agency said in a confidential report this week that 2.5 tons of natural uranium have gone missing from a site in Libya that is not controlled by the government. Reuters reported that the U.N. nuclear watchdog informed member states ...

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nigerians in dubai

Nigerians In Dubai: The Truth!

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